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Current Projects

Kemp Street

The Kemp Street Project is the conversion of our inner city paved courtyard (5m x 9m) to a thriving permaculture gardern.

See the images below for an pictorial evolution of the garden. Also take a look at the garden elements.

Kemp Street Garden
Garden in its orginal state inlcuding concrete pavers and cement with gravel.

Kemp Street Garden
Pavers and gravel have been removed, planting has begun and beds are laid out.

Kemp Street Garden
Brick edging holds back soil and the sugarcane mulch helps retain moisture.

Picture of the lucious Kemp Street Garden with Bryony standing in it holding baby Lucian. Both are smiling
In April 2010 the garden is thriving.

The garden in March 2011 prior to the Darebin's Backyard Harvest Festival open day.

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